be online - live online

everyone talks about web 20, about social networking, about democratization of the internet. webmobs do it. they are

present on any web page

and see other people. webmobs can talk to anyone, beyond the limits of chats, communities, and web sites.

webmobs approach other people and create their own network.

they don't publish their address, their preferences, or a list of friends. they keep all this for themselves.

avatars on the web  
online and self-determined
self-confident and self-determined

we know: the internet works exactly like the real world: people who are in the same place at the same time can see each other and talk to each other. they don't need the permission of a web site operator. do you give away a business card while entering a [real] cafe? why should this be different on the internet?

we don't talk about your benefits. we don't want to sell anything. we just tell what's possible. keep your eyes open.